Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seven Random Things

Well, PG tagged me to do a seven random things post (which I have never done before) so, we shall see how this goes.

1) I always thought my name was wrong. I mean, Daddy told me that God sent my name to follow my namesakes from the Bible and be both a prayer warrior (Hannah) and a prophetess (Elisabeth), and I think that I am gifted in those areas. But the meanings were the problem. Elisabeth is "God dwells here" which has been true since I trusted in Jesus nineteen years ago. But Hannah means either gracious or graceful, depending on the translation, and I am neither. I have never been a particularly gentle or forgiving or gracious person and I trip over my own feet on a daily basis. But then I found a definition of Hannah in Strong's Dictionary that meant Favored. And that I can agree with. I am most definitely Favored.

2) I grew up in a house full of women who love sports and broccoli. I love neither. Mum cursed me to marry a man who loved both. Never knew curses could be good things...

3) I am a foodie. And my waistband knows it.

4) I am a political junkie and will talk your ear off about why we need to return to strict Constitutionalism, why QE3 is the stupidest thing ever, why a Perry-Bachman ticket would be fabulous for our country, and why 98% of our problems could be solved with less government and more church.

5) I am NOT a libertarian.

6) I would rather spend an afternoon in a museum (ANY museum) than anywhere else on earth, except maybe Glen Coe, Scotland. My favorite museum is the Victoria and Albert in London. It looks the museum curators went to all the other European museums's garage sales, bought the leftover bits, and threw it in a grecoroman style warehouse. My second favorite museum is probably the National Gallery in DC. Lovely lovely collection of art.

7) I fundamentally believe that chocolate is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Emma, you is next.

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