Saturday, May 26, 2012

A quiet Saturday

One of my dearest oldest weirdest goofiest friends got married yesterday. The wedding was great. The food was great. The couple were great. The ceremony was great. The music was great. The drive home was very much not great.

We ended up sleeping on camping mats in mum's living room.

I woke up not as sore as I thought I was going to be and it was a blessing to only drive half an hour instead of a hour fifteen to get to bed. So we awake and J decides to go with my brother to get landscaping timber for our front yard.

They were sold out. >{

But we got bricks instead and I thin I'll end up liking them more. So I worked in my garden a bit (lost a squash and cucumber plant but BOY are we gonna have beans! O.O ) and am blogging a bit before tackling the dirty dishes.

But my main project is the wall clock. Which, I hope to show later. :D

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