Friday, May 20, 2011

Da Bulls

Last night, mum and dad, and J and I went to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park to go to our first of the summer baseball games.

The beautiful Bulls Park.

Me and J.

Mum and Dad

 They have this great game where a little kid has to race Wool E Bull around the bases between innings.  He must have been no more than three.  He was adorable.  And he got freaked out by some giant Smurfs and wouldn't finish the race.  So the nice lady ing the blue shirt had to pick him up and carry him around the bases.  Wool E Bull did a great job being distracted and losing.  We all cheered!

 They hit a home run and the Bull board blew smoke from it's nostrils.  (sorry for the bad pic.  I was cheering too much!)

 Another homer, here you can see the smoke!


 Third home run and the bull's eyes glowed!!!

 We won!!!

It was a rollicking good time.  Dollar hot dogs.  Halfway decent beer.  Our team won.  Lots of fun was had by all.

I love baseball!

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