Monday, May 16, 2011

My sketches, house plans, laundry, dryer, dishes and me

There are days when you get a lot of things done. And there are days when you get nothing done. And ther are days when you start lots of things and get none of them done.

Today was the last.

I started sketching and there is now a pile of pencils paper scissors and tape all over the coffee table and couch. I started planning out where I want things in my new house to go this resulted in more pencils and paper and scissors and tape on the coffee table and couch. I started to do dishes and was interrupted by the guy who came to install our new dryer. So ow half the dishes are clean and dry and the other half are filled with soap and crumbs. I got one basket of laundry folded and another one started and another one sorted (read strewn about the bedroom).

And then I felt dizzy, like abouttothrowupstoptherideiwannagetoff dizzy. So everything stopped while I got a BIG glass of water and sat outside on the little cement block that constitutes a patio on our teenineee apartment that we will soon move out of (praise the Lord) and wrote this little blog about all the things I started to do and didn't. Maybe J will help when he gets home from work......

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