Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Pebble

I went walking on the seashore
Saturday evening
Looking at the pebbles that track the tide lines

Mum likes little Pearly gray pebbles
Perfect circles
Euclidian ovals
All small as Yankee dimes
I like bigger pebbles

J likes bigger pebbles
Not even pebbles, stones
That are large and bumpy and strange
He throws them in the ocean
To watch them bounce on the waves.
I like keeping my pebble

Rebekah collects bits of seashells
That are striped or solid
In blues or golds or oranges or browns
I like stone pebbles

My pebbles is an odd size
Not too big
Not too small
An oval of sea grey
The color of wind capped waves
There is variation in the grey
White patches and yellow stains
A hundred years of polishing by sea and sand
I curl it in my hand
My pebble

I think I'll name him Hubert.

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