Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fairy Godmother

My bestest best friend in the whole wide world just had her firstborn nigh on a fortnight ago. I am now a fairy godmother and if anybody calls me "auntie" I shall attack them with a wooden pallet. Auntie has a burned in connection to Wicked Aunt Weeza from Steel Magnolias (you have permission to go watch that scene from youtube, I'll wait) and I refuse to be like that. I would much rather be the Good Fairy Clarice but that's too long a moniker and I am NO Clarice.

Anyway little Zee (my godson) is just the most precious thing ever even though he has loud farts and threw up on me and went spastic a few times while I was holding him and would flail about and wake himself up when he was supposed to be napping but I shall endeavor to help him grow out of this popcorn like explosion. And PG (my bestest best friend in the whole wide world) is just the most natural mom. She is so sweet when she's holding little Zee. Squeeeeee!!!

I had a geat time up there getting to know Zee and helping PG.

Now I need to go knit little blue booties...

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