Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pins and Needles

So I finally caved and got on Pinterest.  Jamie convinced me to do it and now that I'm on, I must say that it is quite addictive.  'Cause I don't have enough to do with my free time, right?  RIGHT?

But I do understand her reasoning.  Jamie says she uses it as an online recipe catalogue which is BRILLIANT! because I can't remember the number of times that I've been flipping through a magazine or a cookbook for that *one* recipe that I can't seem to find.  But keeping all the pictures of different foods in one place online?  Like I said, Brilliant.

And now I am an avid Pinner.  (Is that what we're called?  Pinners?  I like getting terminology right.  Like Browncoats and Trekkies and Patients (NOT Whovians, because that sounds like a Dr. Seuss species) I guess I shall call myself a Pinner until I am informed otherwise.  Hope that doesn't step on anybody's toes) 

Anyway, it's fun.  I've already found a SUPER cool/cute dress that I really want to make, and I think I know how to make it.  Hoping I can get some sewing money for my birthday.  *Hopes*

in other news, I've totally stressed my carpel tunnel syndrome from knitting a shrug.  But it was worth it because I knit a shrug!!!  And it fits!!!  *confetti explosion*  I just have one thing to fix on it (collar problems) and then I shall post a tutorial (maybe) here.  But I have to wait for my wrists to calm down before finishing.  And I'm probably not helping by typing all this out.........*logging off*

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